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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


My Skincare Routine

Hi Bloggerines!

Today I want to show you my skincare routine :) 
Usually my skin was normal to dry, but since I've been in Australia my skin has changed in oily to normal -.- not so exciting for me!
I usually used sweet almond oil and honey soap as cleansers for my make-up, but my "old" routine started being too oily for me so I decided to change!
It's almost two weeks I've changed the cleanser. I went to a supermarket here in Australia and I found a cleanser by "Natures Organics" ... 
Cleanser Natures Organics
It's amazing (and crueltyfree, that's great) :)

Skincare Routine Steps:

1) before going to bed I always clean my make-up (it's really important girls), so apply two pumps of product on my hand and then on my wet face skin, massage for few minutes the product (it seems a soap) and the rinse your face with cold water.

Scrub St. Ives

2) scrub time :) 
I use the scrub three-four times a week, usually before going to bed as a second step after the cleanser.

It would be better to use the scrub while you are taking the shower because the pores of your skin are "open" and it's easier to have a wonderfull result.
Squeeze a bit of prodect on your hand and (always having wet skin) massage for two-three minutes then rinse with cold water.

This scrub is amazing my bloggerines. After using it you can feel the skin so soft and clean!

Nourishing Shorea Cream and
Eyes Hamamelis cream

3) Night treatment:
Unfortunately this is an italian brand and you can find it only in Italy BUT all the products I tried (and be sure they are a lot!) are amazing! It is called "Fitocose" (check the website ).
All the products are made with really good ingricients, the price in surprisingly cheap and are all crueltyfree. 
The biggest is a night cream really nourishing and easy to dab. 
The little on is for the area around your eyes and the effects of this are immediate! If you apply it before going to bed, on the following morning no bags for you :) Amazing!


4) In the morning the process is similar, but for the scrub. Usually I use my "Lutsine bactopur".
In the bottle it is blue and liquid, but after you pumped it on your hand it becomes a white mousse that you have to apply on your wet face and massage a liitle, it is perfet to eliminate all the bacteria living on your skin. It makes the skin really dry, so try not to use it on your cheeks!

Crema Sublime

5) before leaving my room (the room of my residence here in Australia) I always apply my "Crema sublime" by NeveCosmetics italian brand), amazing and crueltyfree, again. On the website you can find many make-up products.
The smell is awesome, it is easy to dab and it has also SPF 15(which is fundamental to protect your skin, above all during spring and summer).

This is all I do for my skin. Since I have started this routine (even my old one was really good, but better for dry/normal skin) I can really feel the difference.
No spots, no breakouts. My skin is flawlwss and clean.

So, my lovely bloggerines, What do you use to clean your skin and make it feel amazing and irresistible?
Waiting for your feedbacks :) 

xoxo Bibi

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