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Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hi my lovely bloggerines,

If somebody asked me which is my favorite accessory I would answer 100% RINGS. Who does not love rings? I am a great fun, totally in love with them. They are easy to wear, match with every type of look, cheap.

Going into the fall I realized how much I am in love with reindeer rings, owl rings, claw rings and all the other animal rings you can immagine.And also skull rings and feather rings. can find them in every shop, online and in some cute vintage markets.

Reindeer Ring

My go-to-uni outfit.

This was my go-to-uni outfit I 
was wearing on Friday...
I took a picture thinking of this post cause I wanted to show you my new claw ring that  I bought few weeks ago in a Vintage market in Manly Beach (obviously I haven't bought only the ring). I WAS so in love with him. Yes, I WAS because on the same day I've lost it. Probably I forgot it in a toilet...

The heart ring is my boyfriend's gift. He gave it to me before I left Italy three months ago. It's so nice, I always wear it. 

GO-to-uni outfit:
Dark blue converse
Skinny blue jeans high waist (Zara)
Minty green jumper ('arvyst)
Military studded jacket (Zara)
Claw ring
Heart ring
Military-floreal scarf (Closed) 

xoxo Bibi

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