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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Asian Event

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

Few days ago I was in the garden of the School of law, here at ANU, waiting for my classes. Luckly, I decided to go to uni a bit earlier and the surprise I found was awesome. A magnificent asian event in the garned.
It was awesome ;)
Typical food, clothes and dances. All the people dressed up for the event!
Wonderful fabrics, beautiful colours. All the dresses were perfectly detailed. 

Traditional Clothes

Fabrics and scarves

Traditional Clothes

Detail of a female traditional clothes

People dancing in the garden of the School of Law

Interviews in the School of Law garden

I was not wearing anything relates to the event. My clothes were a bit more western that theirs ;)

Persol sunglasses, Doudou bag and key neckless

Studded pink ballerinas (lovely)

Two rings and two necklesses:
heart gold ring and claw silver ring
Heart silver neckless and jey silver neckless

Doudou bad and studded ballerinsa in the sun

Zara floreal jumper , necklesses, Blue trousers by NYC and studded balletinas

xoxo Bibi

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