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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Hi my lovely bloggerines,

Australia is almost the only developed country in which H&M does not exist. I know it's crazy, above all for me since I am an H&M addicted! But - there is always a BUT - it exists (obviously) in NY, place in which my boyfriend is now. COOL, I know :) Ergo I (kindly) asked him to go shopping for me and he did.
There are so many amazing stuffs now in the shop. And my brain still thinks we are going into fall -.- These are few things I asked him to buy :) He forgot to take a picture oh a I'll show you. I'm looking forward to wearing all and an├Čbove all to go to NYC in December! I'm so so exited! Let me know if you have been there. for me it'll the First time!

I told I love rings. these are all stuff you can find currently in shiops, so check out the website or go personally.

The bag is a quite big black fake leather gold-studded bag, it haa a strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or crossed or just on your arm. It is quite big, perfect for day-uni or even shopping afternoon or going to drink with friends.

The 2 ring sets are so cool. The feather one is double finger, I just love it. the other is my boyfrind's choise and I love it too. It is made up by three different rings that you can wear separately. One is a skull ring, one is a heart one and the other has a stone I think but I not sure. 

Let me know if you like them and if you are 'rings and studds'  lovers as I am. 

PS. I ordered something like 15 rings on a website, as soon as I'll receive them I show you all and give some feedback on the seller.

xoxo Bibi

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