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Friday, 12 October 2012

A/W Wish List

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

in a bit more than one month I'll come back home. So, it's time to write my A/W Wish List and be ready for NY and Xmas gifts and presents :) 

Living in Australia I should look for very summery clothes, here is getting hotter and hotter everyday BUT I'm really wainting for A/W... My brain still doesn't understand that here Spring has come and I should want to wear only shorts, maxi skirts and T-shirt. No more jumpers, trousers and coats but it is not my fault if I'm an Autumn Lover. 

Here we are, lots of things on that I've seen and want to buy almost immediately!

You can see my favourites of the season: studs, bordeaux, black, skinny jeans, ankle boots and chelsea boots, faux fur and snoods, headband and boyfriend hats, jumpers and military (even camouflage would be great) parka. And NB do not forget New Year's Eve - I know we still miss many monthes, but it is never too early to be ready for NYE. So glitters, shimmer and high heels

Hearts & Bows Stud 
Shoulder T Shirt
 Faith sandy Zip Side 
Flat Ankle Boots
ASOS Skinny Jeans Red 
Snow Wash

ASOS Faux Fur Snood
Light Brown/One Size

Miss Pom Pom Cable
Headband Pink
ASOS Mixed Knit Boyfriend
Beanie Black/One Size
Whistles Doris Colour 
Block Mohair Jumper

ASOS Army Jumper

ASOS Fur Hooded 
Detachable Lined Parka
Mango Rinse Wash
Skinny Jeans

ASOS HOPE Platform
 Heeled Sandals
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Sequin 
Bodycon Dress With Cut Out Back


Everything is still in the website where you can find all those awesome clothes and much more. As soon as I'll be back home i want to do a maxi haul on ... I still have a month to add more things to my Wish List.

And you?

xoxo Bibi

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