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Monday, 15 October 2012

OOTD: Beanie Passion

Hi my lovely bloggerines, 

Today's my birthday...I'm turning 22! I feel so 'old' now :) Definitely ready to celebrate with some friends here in Asutralia and then celebrate again when I'll be back in Italy and I've just planned to celebrate my birthday again with my boyfriend in December when I'll go to NY to visit him for few days  :) Lots of birthdays' celebration this year ;)

Anyway, on Friday I went to uni for some lectures and this was my confortable outfit. Beanie included. I LOVE beanies - as you have seen in my A/W Wish List. They are confortable, add something more to your outfit and are perfect for windy and rainy days.


Grey wool beanie (similar aran cardigan weaving)
Military Jacket (Zara) - I know, always my military jacket but here in Australia I do not have so many things with me...I'll do my best back home :)
Grey&White Melange Jumper cut-out in the front and studs on left shoulder(Touch - bought in a vintage market in Sydney, I guess)
Blue High Waist Skinny Jeans (Zara)
Grey-Blue Sneakers with zip on the side (Happiness)

iPhone Leopard Case (Cotton On)
Red Nail Polish (Australis Hip Hop Hooray)
Gold Heart Ring  

You can even see my UGG Boots in the background.

Here it is my tatoo experiment....I really like it (my mom doesn't)... Maybe one day I'll do it! Suggestions?

xoxo Bibi


  1. I love these pics!! And 22 isn't old!!! although I'll admit I though the s
    ame when I was 22! I'm 26, now that old :( boo hoo haha



    If you have time please check out my blog:

    1. ahaha I felt so old when I thought I was turning into 22 ;) But now I love them ;) And 26 is a great age! You're not old too ;)
      I'm glad you asked me to take a look to your blog, I'll do!
      I'm so happy you like the pics!

      xoxo Bibi