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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sunny Day

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

I've been around in Campus during those days due to lectures and tutorials ;) Anyway, here in Australia is full spring now and it is definitely hot (even if today is too windy for me)... 

It's so funny because in Italy in these days is foggy and cloudy while here is amazing, and it is going to be even better.

Since it's hot and sunny I thought that the best outfit to be both confortable and cute would have been a maxi skirt. I totally love maxi skirt. They cover all your legs so no problems if you are in Uni and you do not want to show your 'bum' to everybody around.

Since it was so hot I wore the maxi skirt with a super cute vest I bought in Melbourne during the spring break. I found it in a vintage market. It's so pretty and unique. i think it's handmade, anyway is really difficult to find another which is the same. 

Then a big bag (as usual) and sleepers (too confortable). Sun glasses and rings.

As you can see it is a really long skirt, totally black and pleated. It's from Valleygirl. I was wearing it with a belt, really thin, crossed, simil suede with gold details to sharpen the waist. Then the vest. It's a orange-caki vest from FAKE (the brand is so cute caise the simbol is a cage with two little birds inside). It's a printed vest (there's the cute face of a Basset Hound in black and white). You cannot see but the vest is pretty long and countersunk. My black velvet sleepers from Cotton On and my Persol sunglasses. a bunch of rings as usual (the heart one and the claw, all in gold).
My big everyday bag is from DouDou, it's a washed-out caki green, with several pockets am├Čnd the printed brand on the front. There are two little handles and a long shoulder belt. and my hair seems even more red than usual :)

Hope you enjoy the casual-pretty look. 

xoxo Bibi

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