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Sunday, 14 October 2012

OOTD: Flower power

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

I should study for my 'lovely' essay but DEFINITELY I prefer to post on the blog and think about the homework later on.
SO, some days ago I went to a little shopping in the centre and found some crazy-awesome leggins. Here in Australia is getting hotter and I cannot stand wearing jeans during the day sometimes. 
I found two really transation-winter-to-spring leggins. The first is a floral print. The 'basa' colour is black but the flowers are pink, light purple, minty and baby pink. The other is a grey-black-white simil brocade print.

As you can see I was wearing my blue converse, floral leggings (factorie), a baby pink tintop (H&M) and a light blue baggy jumper (arvyst). As accesories, my DouDou military bag, Cruciani bracelet and my key chain neckless in silver.

Here I was wearing my black sleepers (rubi) - I pratically live in them, the brocade leggins (factorie), a white vest with an awesome handmade floreal print on it (it's awesome, because even if you do not wear necklesses it gives something more to the look).
As accesories my key chain neckless in silver and my DouDou bag. [and factorie shopping bag, since I decided to wear the leggins while i was in the shop...that day was so hot that could not stand my trousers anymore].

I just love fancy leggins with long vest or jumpers, above all in this season. 

Hope you enjoy,

xoxo Bibi


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    1. Thanks :) I'm completely in love with leggins in this season! Do you love them too?